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Dayco Hp Belt Chart

HPX ATV High Performance Extreme Drive Belts HPX2203 40.

875 1.

188 HPX2204 40.

906 1.

193 HPX2217 33.

438 1.

141 HPX2233 37.

125 1.

289 HPX2234 37.

313 1.

407 HPX2236 38.

656 1.

282 HPX2237 41.

224 1.

188 HPX2238 36.

844 1.

403 HPX2239 40.

875 1.

188 HPX Snowmobile High Performance Extreme Drive Belts HPX5000 43.

313 1.

250 HPX5001 46.

250 1.


DAYCO HP # Outdoor Activity Belt.

Designed for use on low to mid-range all-terrain vehicles, golf carts, farm and ranch utility vehicles, the Dayco HP Outdoor Activity Belt has fast become the ATV rider#s belt of choice.

Manufactured from a specially formulated fiber reinforced polychloroprene and aramid cord, the Dayco HP Outdoor.


Designed for use on low to mid-range horsepower snowmobiles, the Dayco HP Snowmobile Belt is manufactured from fiber reinforced polychloroprene rubber compound and aramid cord to ensure superior strength, long-lasting dimensional integrity and longer belt life.

3 Determine the design horsepower using the Design Horsepower formula (see below).

4 Based on your results, determine which belt section would be appropriate for your drive according to Figure 1 or Figure 2 (pg.


Narrow belt sheaves are more compact than Classical belt sheaves.

Some belts are more appropriate for specific applications.

Dayco Belts.

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the Dayco HPX ATV Belt has been proven to run cooler and to provide longer belt life than competitive belts.

Off the Road or Off the Tee this DAYCO HP ATV Belt delivers the long, smooth, dependable drives that you have learned to expect from power transmission belts that carry the DAYCO brand.

Manufactured from aramid reinforced polychloroprene.

As one of the largest timing belt manufacturers in the world, Dayco offers a variety of belt constructions suitable for any application using the latest materials and a highly engineered, patented timing belt tooth composite construction.

Dayco timing belts feature a molded cog design that runs quieter and is #, DAYCO HP # ( High Performance ) ATV & Outdoor Equipment Belt Designed for use on all terrain vehicles, golf carts and farm and ranch utility vehicles Proven under grueling actual all-terrain test conditions, the Dayco HP Outdoor Activity Belt has fast become the ATVer#s # Belt of Choice#.

dayco hp belt chart