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23/01/2017 Instrument and Speaker cables may look the same, but they couldn’t be more different.

They are devices specifically designed for different purposes and getting the two mixed up can be dangerous.

, Join CSGuitars at today at 18:00 (GMT+1) for the Premiere of the latest Gain Appreciation video featuring this 1988 ProCo RAT.

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Search, and the (frequency) bands played on# Since starting the CSGuitars youtube channel thousands of questions have poured in, many of which focus around equalization, or EQ, of guitar tone.

The queries come in many forms; “What are mids?

“, “How do you dial a good amp tone?

“, and questions of that ilk are really asking the same thing: “What is EQ and how do I use it effectively?

“, Stay subscribed to the CSGuitars Youtube channel for updates on progress.

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, The final journey of this golden # We once again return to the saga of the Golden Gothic Flying V to make one final round of upgrades.

We were contacted once again by Indra Guitars who were this time offering custom knobs to match with the parts they provided for the previous video in this series.

These are dark wooden knobs, inset with brass tops and etched with the skulls of different.

, I recently had a chat with Andrzej from AMGuitar about YouTube and how I got started as a guitar content creator.

The interview is now available to watch on his channel, so please check it out.

, How much do the titans of YouTube know about the piezoelectric effect?

The latest CSGuitars video puts their knowledge to the test.

See the full video at csguitars.


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