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Crf250l Luggage Rack Philippines

Rear Carriers / Luggage Racks ; HONDA CRF250L Rear Carriers / Luggage Racks.

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27/03/2014 Well finally found a solution for mounting a Givi case to a CRF250L.

The universal Monokey mount from Givi will fit right on the rear rack I got from crfsonly.


Install was easy.

This practical motorcycle rack for the Honda CRF250L /Rallye is perfect for lashing soft luggage.

06/02/2016 I sent an email over to moto- racks.

com early last month inquiring about their soft luggage rack system.

They told me that they had a rack system in the works for the CRF250L , and that it would be available “late summer/early fall.

“, 01/08/2013 Removing the airbox snorkel will do you no good if you are still using the restricted and with cat converter, heavy-boned stock exhaust.

What I did to mine is I had my stock exhaust canister opened, changed the pipe from canister to the connecting point of the header to 1.

5″ and installed 1.

5” mesh lining inside the canister chamber (straight-through) and same size of the canister tip/spout to.

22/08/2013 Hi, we now have rear luggage racks for the Honda CRF250L for sale: [IMG] Price: $51.

93 Shipping to the US: from Thailand $24.


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