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Corexy Belt Paths

03/08/2018 In corexy mechanisms, when you apply force to one belt (move one of the motors in the Y direction, for example) to change its tension, you also change the tension on the other belt.

When you assemble the mechanism and adjust tension on the first belt , #, CoreXY Belt Path.

The corexy 3d printer belt path has been explored in many mechanical arrangements.

The main two corexy belt routing methods are belts crossed or not crossed.

The main focus should be to keep the belt routing path parallel to the X and Y guide rails.

There#s an excellent blog about corexy belt path by Mark Rehorst here.

14/04/2019 CoreXY cross belt path.

Posted by mogey336.

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CoreXY cross belt path April 14, 2019 05:38PM Registered: 4 years ago Posts: 22 I need help for COREXY belt path.

I know that the green belt is higher than the red belt Can i make the belt at the gantry X (the two pulleys at the left and right) the same.

21/12/2008 Slight improvements for designing corexy belt paths.

Suggestion example Correction.

Changes: move the set of idler pulleys closest to the motors inwards to create a slight angle.

Use slightly bigger idler pulleys.

With precision being more desirable than speed in most cases, smaller drive pulleys such as 16 tooth ones seem pretty common.

You can change the position of the idlers as long as you keep this to be true: The most important thing in any coreXY implementation is that the belt segments (a segment being the belt between two pulleys or between the extruder carriage and the end pulleys) whose length varies (labeled A-H in the diagram below), must be kept parallel to their respective guide rails.

11/04/2019 # Motors physically separated from the XY belt path with closed belts and dampers.

An elegant way to suppress vibrations, put less force on motors shaft horizontally, move motors to printer#s back and allow to test XY belt path without motors.

# Easy belt tensioning mechanism # Very nice extruder (Mobius).

9 rows The advantage of coreXY are discussed by some: There is two ways to built the CoreXY belt #, 29/02/2016 The coreXY acts the same as the movement mechanism you mention, it just has a longer loop and is rotated 45 degrees.

The longer belt path #, I use a 16 tooth pulley to drive the mechanism, the radius of which is about 5.

5 mm or 0.

0055m so the force available to drive the mechanism is 0.

185 Nm/0.

0055m = 33.

6 N The mass of the X axis, including the belt , pulleys, magnet and carriage is somewhere between 0.

5 kg- 1 kg.

A Fabtotum Inspired CoreXY Motion system provides a fast, precise, and sturdy platform.

With no flying motors, no crossed belt paths , and an incredibly lightweight moving mass.

The Motion System is built for high speeds and quick accelerations.

Moon#s motors and Genuine Gates 2GT Belts produce fast, reliable and longer-lasting performance.

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