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Corexy Belt Crossing

03/08/2018 The original design for corexy used belts that were on stacked on two levels.

When you look at the photo below, one of the things that jumps out at you is that the belts appear to cross.

They only do that because the designer chose to use separate axles for the corner pulleys.

9 rows CoreXY have longer belts than H-Bot but they allow lighter construction.

The advantage of #, @pipersw the belts are not on one plane, please use the 3D model and rotate the view.

Why must the belts be perpendicular on the bottom?

I’m following the layout on the CoreXY website, which has the belts criss- cross.

Actually, don’t most designs cross the belts ?

The belts in a regular CoreXY format (left side of the first image) do cross , but they can also be ran at 2 different heights.

This makes the belt routing a little more straight-forward.

The main reason they cross in the left design, is because at the hotend carriage each end of the belt is mounted along the same plane.

26/09/2016 Designing a CoreXY and am using 6mm belts.

Original academic designs have the two runs in the same plane, with a twist cross to pass the intersecting loops inside eachother.

Current C-Bot, and their derivatives, use stacked arrangements.

Each belt on their own plane.

In your experience, what are the advantages, and disadvantages of either, or?

15/10/2016 Thingiverse Groups CoreXY General Cross the belts or not?

Cross the belts or not?

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Jun 14, 2015.

What are the Pros and Cons of the belt path crossing same plane Or run the belts in different planes avoiding belts crossing paths?


tchiwam – in #, CoreXY Belt Path.

The corexy 3d printer belt path has been explored in many mechanical arrangements.

The main two corexy belt routing methods are belts crossed or not crossed.

The main focus should be to keep the belt routing path parallel to the X and Y guide rails.

There#s an excellent blog about corexy belt path by Mark Rehorst here.

The criss- cross pattern of the cables stabilizes the bar and keeps it horizontal.

This effect can be seen by following the direction of motion of the two cables which comprise the mechanism.

Note that all of the vertical arrows point in the same direction.

Two additional pulleys have been added to shift the belt cross -over outside of the.

files and build them with your 3D printer, laser cutter, or CNC.

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21/07/2017 For “true” CoreXY , belts are on the same plane and cross at the back, which done properly do not degrade belt life or affect precision.

I don’t see CoreXY as complex, in fact have taken it to another level, literally, as you so kindly linked.



org] Yes, steel core belts for the main drive, and fiberglass for the motors.

corexy belt crossing