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Cop Watch Burlington Vt

We film the cops for police accountability and community self-defense in Burlington , Vermont.

07/04/2020 This is a particularly difficult time for many members of the (greater) Burlington , Vermont community.

BTV CopWatch is raising funds to help those most vulnerable stay healthy, fed, housed, etc.

When we started mutual aid distributions in mid-March, we thought we might go out one or two times to hand out supplies.

BTV CopWatch is at Burlington Police Department.

Please consider joining Monday evening’s Black Lives Matter of Great.

er Burlington meeting.

This is the #, See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

The scene unfolded late in the afternoon Monday, after Paul Decelles, a Burlington resident and former city councilor, was joined by a group of police backers outside the Burlington Police Department.

Causes event in Burlington , VT by BTV CopWatch on Saturday, May 30 2020cop watch burlington vt