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01/09/2009 Over the past few months we have tested a number of guitars built with the “Circle Fret System”.

Probably the most common comment was that the guitar sound noticeably clearer ,and note separation was much more distinct, contributing to a much #, The CoolZ brand began as a series of History brand guitars (made in FujiGen) and distributed in Japan via Shimamura Music shops.

In 2007 CoolZ became a brand name in its own right.

CoolZ guitars tend to be copies of the popular Fender and Gibson designs.

Source: CoolZ catalog 2015.

Source: CoolZ website (accessed 27th January 2017), A Collection of Vintage Guitars and other Instruments.

2017 Cool Z Guitar Catalog (Japanese Text) – 08 Pages, A Collection of Vintage Guitars and other Instruments.

2017 Cool Z Guitar Brochure – Page 01: 2017 Cool Z Guitar Brochure – Page 02, 24/10/2019 To my knowledge CoolZ guitars are made at the Fujigen factory in Japan, the hardware and electronics might be MiK just like they’re doing it with the ‘entry level’ FujiGen guitars.

Cool Z Guitar Catalogs | Vintage Japan Guitars Todos os catlogos de guitarras e baixos Cool Z escaneados.

/ All the Cool Z guitars and bass catalogs are available.

22/03/2020 CoolZ 2013 and 2015 History 2015.

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Sep 22, 2018 #5 Great man! Send all of them, we will have soon the best catalog database for sure.

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I added some Morris acoustic guitars catalogs.

Link added to the post #1.

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01/09/2009 got one today, been eyeing it for a while actually, in a local used gear place.

Retail is 88,ooo yen.

about $950.


got this one for 30,ooo.

about $320.


made in Japan.

says so on the back of the headstock, unlike the Edwards.

and still had the plastic on the covers, p`ups and pickguard.

19/06/2009 Apart from that it’s a really lovely guitar.

Made by FujiGen for Shimamura.

Model CoolZ ZLS-2 FM.

Country of Manufacture Japan.

Year 2007.

Construction Set-Neck, Long Tennon.

Just got a catalog out and it reads.

” Figured maple on hard maple ” while the plain tops read.

” Hard maple 2 p.

” True they are the budget series but that doesn.

coolz guitars catalog