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This CSGuitars video will show you how.

5 Ways To Use EQ Pedals | Too Afraid To Ask.

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The secret to using EQ correctly is knowing when to do so and identifying what issue you need EQ to solve.

Settle in for an education on the most effective ways to use EQ to sculpt your sound.

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00 sale, A Chat with Colin Scott from CSGuitars.

Andrzej Marczewski 2 weeks ago 1 min read.

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Colin has a background in physics, so his approach to how he looks at gear is really very unique and you should go and subscribe now!.

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Gear reviews/demos.

Demos and reviews of the latest and greatest gear always prove popular with the CSGuitars audience.

An entertaining, intelligent synopsis of the equipment with high quality sound samples and playing styles relevant to the equipment being demonstrated.

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uk alternatively, use the contact form below, COLIN from CSGUITARS weighs in with some serious knowledge.

I#m going to need to review this video two or three times because the amount of factual education that#s crammed in is dense.

It really makes me want to study sonic physics, but I need to go back to Algebra 1 because I#m pretty sure I got stuck on exponential equations.

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sold out, Welcome to CSGuitars ! My name is Colin , I create entertaining and educational guitar related content.

I answer the questions you have about musical technology in a scientific, yet easy to understand manner.

From tutorials and advice, to product reviews and demos, there’s sure to be something I

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