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com vs cocosneakers.

ru ?



Posted by 1 month ago.


com vs cocosneakers.

ru ?

Whats the difference between these two?


com one shows up first in google results but the.

ru one is the one all of you say to go to.

Whats the difference?



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imgur link.

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Dear Repsneakers Fam, this is the ultimate chance to show our interest towards Bapestas, by upvoting this post, you could make the production and sale of affordable but also well-made bapestas possible!, 17/06/2020 Home / Batch Information / Cocosneakers , Topshoemall, and Sneakerahead are run by the same people, with evidence.

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com # Leave a comment Cocosneakers , Topshoemall, and Sneakerahead are run by the same people, with evidence.

Reddit Username: u/EDSport WhatsApp: +86 187 6057 5571.

Sorry if I am rambling, this is the first time I gotta post something like this.

On or around May 26th the reddit page u/EDSport posted a video of KAWS 4s that looked somewhat promising and seeing that this model has been hard to replicate in the past I decided to go ahead and GP them.

After contacting Jack through WhatsApp everything was.

She showed me some new up coming product.

They buy retail shoes then work to perfect the fakes.

They have a new batch of Sean Wotherspoons coming out which look crazy good.

the littles detail they pay attention to, I don#t know much about them but from the coloring and material of the striped parts to the Velcro patch on the tongue, everything looks really good.

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