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SS-cleavable and pH-responsive Lipid Like, Material ( COATSOME SS-Series) / COATSOME SS-EC (former name: SS-33/4PE-15) 2 of 6.

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CODE: Description; -D-Tocopherolhemisuccinoyl.

MW: 1402.


, COATSOME SS-M (SS-14/3AP-01) Myristoyl: 717.

2: COATSOME SS-E (SS-33/3AP-05) -D-Tocopherolsuccinoyl: 1322.

0: COATSOME SS-EC (SS-33/4PE-15) 1402.

2: COATSOME SS-LC (SS-18/4PE-13) Linoleoyl: 901.

5: COATSOME SS-OC (SS-18/4PE-16) Oleoyl: 905.

5: COATSOME #, COATSOME SS-series SS-cleavable and pH-responsive lipid-like material for gene delivery and nucleic acid delivery system We have developed COATSOME SS-series lipids for effective intracellular delivery and lower toxicity COATSOME SS-series contains dual sensing motifs that can.


-D-Tocopherolhemisuccinoyl MW: 1402.


, # Toxicity of the particles Cytotoxicity of the particles Toxicity of the particles in vivo In vitro transfection applying non-cleavable lipid shows sharp decline of cell survival rate by increase of the dose concentration On the other hand applying SS-Cleavable lipid high cell survival rate, COATSOME SS-EC.

-D-Tocopherolhemisuccinoyl MW: 1402.


COATSOME CL-E8181TA (DOTMA) DOTMA 1,2-Dioleyloxy-3-trimethylammonium propane chloride.

COATSOME CL-8181DA (DODAP) DODAP 1,2-Dioleoyloxy-3-dimethylaminopropane.

COATSOME CL-E8181DA (DODMA) DODMA 1,2-Dioleyloxy-3-dimethylaminopropane.

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