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Coats Xr1800 Wheel Balancer Parts

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XR 1800 /1850 Wheel Balancer, Coats XR 1800 , 1850 Parts.

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, 14/01/2003 The new Coats XR 1800 wheel balancer from Hennessy Industries Inc.

was designed to prevent comebacks, not solve them.

A complete diagnostics package runs with every tire and wheel balance — adding just two to three seconds to the process, according to the company.

, 1601 J.


Hennessy Drive, LaVergne, TN USA 37086-3565 615/641-7533 800/688-6359 www.



Manual Part No.

: 8113423 11.


, Ammco- Coats XR1800 Diagnostics Wheel Balancer w/out Adapter Package AMMXR1800.


plus information on all Coats balancers and key accessories.


Eliminates static imbalance which results in a smoother rideCustomers experience reduced tire and parts wear caused by excessive vibrationsAccomodates most passenger car and.

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XR1800 Wheel Balancer 85000011 : Item #:.

CD-ROM with XR 1800 video overview, plus information on all Coats balancers and key accessories; R.



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coats xr1800 wheel balancer parts