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Coats Xr1800 Balancer

13/05/2010 For more information on the COATS XR1800 Wheel Balancer and other COATS wheel balancers , please visit our website: http://www.


com/wheel- balancers Th.

, Coats Xr1800 Tire Balancer.

About this product.

About this product.

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item 1 New OEM 80180109 COATS Piezo Kit Fits XR1800 XR1750 X1850 1800 Balancer RARE – New OEM 80180109 COATS Piezo Kit Fits XR1800 XR1750 X1850 1800.

, 14/01/2003 The new Coats XR 1800 wheel balancer from Hennessy Industries Inc.

was designed to prevent comebacks, not solve them.

A complete diagnostics package runs with every tire and wheel balance — adding just two to three seconds to the process, according to the company.

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Hennessy Drive, LaVergne, TN USA 37086-3565 615/641-7533 800/688-6359 www.



Manual Part No.

: 8113423 11.


, Coats XR1800 Tire Balancer.

Operational when removed from service.

Not tested — sold in UNKNOWN condition.


Come prepared to load your own truck.

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Additional Info: 1608553 info.

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, The XR1800 also comes with a CD-ROM featuring a video overview, plus information on all Coats balancers and key accessories.


Balancing Modes: 12 ; Maximum Tire Diameter: Up to 44″ Rim Width: 2″ to 20″ Max.

Tire Weight: 160 lbs.

Shaft Diameter: 40 mm ; Resolution: 0.

01 Oz ; Accuracy:.

01 Oz ; Power Requirement: 115v AC, 1 Phase, Manufacturer of AMMCO, COATS and BADA Automotive Service Equipment and Tools.

Revision: 07/09 Parts Identification READ these instructions before placing unit in service KEEP thes.

e and other materials delivered with the unit in a binder near the machine for ease of reference by supervisors and operators.

XR 1800 /1850 Wheel Balancer, ELECTRICAL Parts for Coats Wheel Balancers.

SHAFT Assemblies & parts.

Wheel Mounting Cups, Cones, Accy.

Wheel Mounting WINGNUTS.

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Haweka | sku: HW150-400-091.

Medium Truck Kit for 40mm shaft.


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, Browse industry leading tire changer, brake lathe, and wheel balancing machines from the world’s foremost wheel-service manufacturers, Hennessy Industries.

coats xr1800 balancer