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Coats Vs Dish Network Colorado Supreme Court Decision

We therefore affirm 8 the court of appeals# opinion.

The Supreme Court of the State of Colorado 2 East 14th Avenue # Denver, Colorado 80203 2015 CO 44 Supreme Court Case No.

13SC394 Certiorari to the Colorado Court of Appeals Colorado Court of Appeals Case Nos.

12CA595 & 12CA1704 Petitioner: Brandon Coats , v.

Respondent: Dish Network , LLC.

, 15/06/2015 A trial court dismissed Coats #s claim that he had been wrongfully terminated, and an appeals court upheld that decision.

The state#s Supreme Court , #, 15/06/2015 In a decision released today, the Colorado Supreme Court found that Dish Network , the national satellite TV provider, did not act illegally when it fired Brandon Coats , a #, 05/11/2014 Coats , who was paralyzed in a car accident when he was a teenager, was a licensed medical marijuana patient at the time of his firing from a Dish Network call center.

Thus far, Coats # lawsuit has been struck down in district court , a decision that was upheld in the Colorado Court #, 3 In a split decision , the majority of the court of appeals held that Coats did not state a claim for relief because medical marijuana use, which is prohibited by federal law, is not a #lawful activity# for purposes of section 24-34-402.


Coats v.

Dish Network , LLC, 2013 COA 62, 23, 303 P.

3d 147, 152.

In dissent, Judge Webb would, The Colorado Supreme Court affirmed the court of appeals and found that Coats was not wrongfully terminated as a result of his medical marijuana use.

Coats v.

Dish Network , LLC, 350 P.

3d 849 (Colo.


Though we virtually always try to stay away from expressing our opinions in these case summary posts, we cannot hold back here.

We are not.

coats vs dish network colorado supreme court decision