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Coats Hit 5000h

Coats HIT Series Heavy Duty tire changers are designed to be fast and efficient.

Every aspect of the assembly is taken into account to ensure the fastest floor-to-floor times.

There are no additional features for this product.

Rim Diameter 15″-38″ External.

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5000h , Truck tire changer # Read online or PDF # COATS HIT 5000H Truck Tire Changer User Manual, COATS HIT 5000 Truck Tire Changer User Manual # H.



5000 # COATS Equipment, The COATS HIT 5000 Heavy-Duty Truck Tire Changer can accommodate tube or tubeless tires with rim diameters from 15″ to 38″.

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, Coats HIT 5000H Tire Changer 208/220 Single Phase: Auction Closed High Bidder: r*****n Sold Amount: $1,285.

00: Buyer’s Premium (5.

00%): $64.

25: Total Price: #, COATS HIT 5000 Truck Tire Changer for Tube and Tubeless Tires, 220V/1P These heavy duty tire changer machines can accommodate tube or tubeless tires with rim diameters from 15″ to 38″.


Easy-to-use swing-arm houses all hydraulic controls with a dedicated lever for each powered function.

, HIT 5000 & 9000 HD Tire Changer Operation and Maintenance CHD 9041 Heavy Duty Tire Changer Operation HIT 5000 H2 Run Flat Capability, COATS H.



5000H Changer # 3 Bead Loosening 1.

After locking the wheel on the chuck, remove the valve core and deflate the tire completely.


Position the bead loosening disc in one of the square holes in the carriage closest to the outer edge of the tire.


Rotate the tire.

While the tire is rotating, slowly, Coats /Solar Co.


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5000H , 40-40SA, RC-15AA, 30-40A, 20-20A-70566, HIT 9000, S60 AND S60-5241coats hit 5000h