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Coats 5060ax Parts Manual

New Mount & Demount Head: 1- Mounting & Demount Duck Head; Part #8183061 Factory Spec; Fits: Coats 5060AX 5060EX 5070E; Fits; Coats 7050AX 7060AX 7065EX 70X-EH-3, Browse industry leading tire changer, brake lathe, and wheel balancing machines from the world’s foremost wheel-service manufacturers, Hennessy Industries.

Coats Rim Clamp 50-Series Replacement Parts includes 5060AX , 5060EX and newer, New Air Motor Rotation Valve: 4-Way Internal air Spring valve.

8181986 Valve, 4-Way w/Pull Pin; Rotation Pedal Valve.

Part # 8181995; Fit Coats :50XX and 70XX Series.

Browse industry leading tire changer, brake lathe, and wheel balancing machines from the worlds foremost wheel-service manufacturers.

Replacement Parts / Coats Replacement Parts, 4 way Turn Table & Bead Breaker valve.

Fits Coats 5060A 5060AX 5070A 7050AX 7050EX 7065AX 7065EX 70X-EH3.

This Part retails for over $300.


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com for less!, Coats 5060 We sell parts and accessories for theCOATS 5060A, 5060E, 5060AX , 5060EX Tire Changer.

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Manufacturer of AMMCO, COATS and BADA Automotive Service Equipment and Tools.

Revision: 06/09 Parts Identification READ these instructions before placing unit in service KEEP these and other materials delivered with the unit in a binder near the machine for, 10 # COATS Tire Changer Swing Arm Assembly emIt Part No.

Description 1 8183151 5/16-18 x 0.

75 SBHCS, Gr.

8 2 8181771 Vertical Slide 3 8182028 Vertical Slide Spring 83031235 Vertical Slide Spring (Leverless) 4 8182339 Swing Arm Shim Kit 5 8181038 Swing Arm Pivot Pin 6 8182820-2 Swing Arm, for R.


Cam Lock.

REBUILT BL CYLINDER Fit: Coats RC-15A, RC-20A Fit: Hunter & Corghi model s $299.

00 NEW TRANSMISSION Fit: Coats 5060A-AX 5060E-EX 5070E 7050AX-EX 7060AXcoats 5060ax parts manual