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Guitar Parts For Sale! ’72 Telecaster Day 2 & Day 4; 1972 Telecaster Rescue; A few of my rescues ready to enter the music making world again! Avoid this.

Use a humidifier! Another CKuz T Style goes off to it’s new owner! Before and after pics of a 1978 Precision Bass refinished in olympic white at CKuz Guitars.

, Reset acoustic guitar neck to correct action problems.

Prices start at $300 for standard set neck acoustic guitars.

*Call or email if you have a Taylor Guitar that needs a reset.

This is usually covered under warranty and is a much easier (and less expensive) process than a traditional neck reset.

, At CKuz Guitars we can handle just about any guitar repair # acoustic, electric and bass.

We also offer guitar modifications, refinishing, pickup rewinding, hand wound pickups (Redding Street Pickups) and custom built guitars.

All of the guitar work at CKuz Guitars is #, CKuz Guitars.

Middletown, DE, United States; Send Message; During the COVID-19 restrictions I will be updating inventory daily and shipping next day.

Since I work from a workshop at my home, I can continue to ship USPS within 24 hours as long as the mail cont.

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