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Chapman Guitars Ml3 Pro

The ML3 pro Modern has always been know for its thick, powerful tone and lightning fast playability, but for 2020 we have juiced up this work-horse with new materials, tech and exciting spec.

NAMM 2017 saw the Chapman Guitars range split into Pro and Standard lines.

Simon Bradley finds out what makes these revamped Chapmans tick#, Glistening like a vintage limousine soaring through the rain, the all-new 2020 ML3 Pro Traditional has all the grace and style of a vintage vehicle with the roaring engine to match.

Equipped with a pair of Seymour Duncan #Hot Tele# Single coil pickups, featuring hand-ground Alnico five rod magnets, a special high output coil wind and wax.

ML3 Pro Modern Lunar.

The powerful simplicity and less-is-more visual signature of the ML3 Pro Modern, belies its vast tonal palette.

Entirely satin in finish, with a lightweight mahogany neck and body, the ML3 Pro Modern is sleek, smooth and raw, presenting sonic landscapes of possibility.

ML3 Pro Traditional Shadow.

Form and function flow together powerfully and without compromise in the visually alluring ML3 Pro Traditional.

Unplugged, you can immediately hear that the lightweight, satin-finished ash body sings loud and true through its beautiful carved top, yielding a wonderfully harmonic, resonant sustain.

Skip to main content Skip to footer site51500000177934 site51500000000167035 New K58508 Chapman ML3 Pro Modern Electric Guitar site51500000177934,site51500000177935, Once plugged in, the specially-voiced Chapman Mojo Hand single coil pickups ring true like a ten ton bell, broadcasting your finger tone all the way home.

The ML3 Pro Traditional doesn’t djent.

it soars like a giant hunting eagle, held by the wind and acknowledged by the mountain gods who echo its voice to the sun.

You want one.

Channeling the very soul of electric guitar , the Chapman ML3 Pro Traditional is a near-perfect marriage of form and function, putting nothing but the essentials of great tone a playability right in your hands.

From the resonant carved swamp ash body to the comfortable neck and dynamically responsive alnico single-coil pickups, the ML3 Pro.

Chapman Guitars ML3 Pro Modern Semi-Hollow OB.





Chapman Guitars ML3 Pro Modern Lunar.





Chapman Guitars ML3 Traditional White Dove V2.





Chapman Guitars Ghost Fret Midnight Sky LH V2.




Chapman Guitars Ghost Fret Pro Bad Blood Ltd.


Chapman Guitars is the first and only collaborative design guitar company.

Our guitars are available from dealers worldwide.

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