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Welcome to Chan Sneakers Official Shop.

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Chan , a fake sneaker seller that runs Chan Sneakers , was once a medical student in the UK.

According to VICE, one day Chan went looking for a pair of limited sneakers but found fakes, and realized they were all coming from #fake sneaker capital of China.

# Putian.

Shortly thereafter, he joined the replica sneaker industry.

Then talking.

Chan Sneakers was founded in 2016 as a retailer of replica sneakers.

In 2018, we were interviewed by VICE NEWS about our industry and operations.

We have since expanded our scope of operation and now develop and produce our sneakers entirely in-house.

We are based in the city of Putian , China.

Chan Sneakers is committed to producing only the highest quality of replicas.

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com to place an order.

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Latest Blog Posts.

Air Jordan 1 High OG Dior, Available Now!, 18/09/2018 Sneaker fanatics like Chan are forced to flock to these underground markets because of the astronomical margins on rare sneakers.

Over the last several years, the #, At one point, Chan ‘s business was booming to the extent that he was moving as many as 120 pairs of shoes daily while living in the U.


bringing in an average of $100,000 per month.

23/08/2018 After the sun sets in Putian , thousands of bikes carrying fake sneakers hit the streets.

The lace-up black market is no secret in Putian , and it’s where you can find Chan , a vendor with a knack.

The scourge of fake shoes has never been defeated in Putian.

Last year, the local police department punished four shoe factories and seized and destroyed counterfeit shoes with a value of almost 10 million yuan.

In 2014, more than ten stores were closed down by the police department.

11/09/2017 He eventually pulled the trigger on the 10th batch, paying US$120 to a sought-after seller known as Chan.

Putian , in coastal Fujian province, has been China#s sneaker manufacturing capital for.

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The other websites are imposters and scammers.

If you purchased from them, you have been scammed or sent shoes of lower quality.

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