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Chairman Of Pm Stiac

03/05/2019 PM – STIAC.

It is an overarching body with function of assessing, creating and implementing major scientific, technology and innovation interventions in India.

It has identified nine national missions to address major scientific challenges in India.

29/08/2018 The Prime Minister ‘s Science Technology and Innovation Council ( PM – STIAC ) includes noted mathematician and Princeton University professor Manjul #, 28/08/2018 The government has scrapped two Scientific Advisory Committees (SAC) for the Prime Minister and the Cabinet, and replaced them with a nine member, Prime Minister #, 29/08/2018 Members of PM – STIAC are including Dr VK Saraswat (member of NITI Aayog and former director general of Defence Research and Development Organisation), Dr AS Kiran Kumar (former chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation), Maj Gen Madhuri Kanitkar (dean of Armed Forces Medical College, Pune), Manjul Bhargava (professor at Princeton University.

PRIME MINISTER #S SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION ADVISORY COUNCIL ( PM – STIAC ) The Prime Minister #s Science, Technology and Innovation Council is an overarching body which assesses the status of specific S&T domains, comprehends challenges, formulates immediate, mid and long term interventions and presents a roadmap to the Prime Minister.

chairman of pm stiac