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Random facts.

, PKBeats 19 points 20 points 21 points 2 months ago The good thing about Ultimate is that stage hazards in training mode (USUALLY) remain the same every time after you reset.

So there was a specific cycle of Mom here every time.

, u/ PKBeats.

2 years ago.

Archived [NOT CLICKBAIT] Lucas 0-death Concept.

Smash 4.

I’m Seriously Casual.


Original Poster 7 points 2 years ago.

It could be used to punish a neutral getup, a shieldbreak, or, more commonly, and as used by Jim, after a jab lock combo.

Just using it straight up in the neutral is definitely a bad idea.

, outside of PKBeats.

Pretty much every single ” casual ” montage I see is nothing but the most basic bottom-of-the-barrel garbage like an assist trophy killing raw or a character doing a 2-hit combo into a final smash or a timer combo.

, PKBeats : PK, I swear you are one of the most reliable dudes I know.

You’re the realest homie! Thank you for helping me out on short notice.

I owe you big time! You’re such a kind soul, and I wish the best for you every day! You’re such a kind person.

Haz: Good your Audio file had one of the smoothest audios I’ve ever worked with.

, 23/04/2019 Fans of the party fighting game are using Super Smash Bros.

Ultimate#s new stage builder to create levels with portals, which allow for spectacular combos all around the level.

, 24/04/2019 # PKBeats (@ Casual_PKBeats ) April 22, 2019 This is just the start.

We#re sure that after a few months someone will have completely filled the screen with portals and chained together a casual pkbeats