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L outperformed on all 11 health markers.

-#As an Olympic gold medalist and a runner, the absolute worst for me is the dreaded # BIKE #.

I have come across just about every training modality.

None are as effective as CAR.



# – Mark McKoy, Olympic Gold Medalist, 28/02/2019 Hacker News real-time mirror.

Check out the x-post subreddits (in particular /r/h_n_top and /r/h_n_best) if you don’t want to saturate your feed.

, The CAR.


L iOS app allows riders to book a workout on the A.


-powered CAR.


L stationary bike at local showrooms, gyms or their workplace.

Users can track improvements in their fitness as they perform CAR.


L #s high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts, and compare it #, After 23 sessions, here are my scores: Peak power: +10% (1,094) Total power: +11% (39,374) Octane: +13% (45) I have no idea if these improvements are coming from better fitness or it’s just from the resistance going up and not hitting my max speed limit.

, Episode Highlights: CAR.


L High Intensity Training.

How Ratna got her inspiration from sci-fi movies like Space Odyssey; The ways your body changes on a molecular level when you exercise; Why you should know your VO2 max score as a measure of fitness and heart health; What makes the CAR.


L bike and workout so different, CAR.


L is the state of the art, scientifically proven AI-powered stationary bike that is pushing the boundaries of everything we know about exercise.

Many are calling CAR.


L the future of exercise.

A ride on CAR.


L gives you a personalised cardiovascular workout that has all the benefits of a 45-minute jog in under nine minutes.

, 15/11/2014 The idea of the CAROL bike is to keep you at that maximum intensity.

According to a statement from Dr Vollaard on the CAROL website, #in our labs, we see insulin sensitivity improve by 25-28 per cent and fitness by 15 per cent within 6 weeks.

The CAR.


L stationary bike reproduces these results in the real world.

#, 14/04/2020 CAR.


L is the scientifically proven game-changing exercise bike , that uses AI to give you a personalised, true HIIT workout.

You only need 3 sessions a week on this innovative stationary bike , with only 2 x 20 seconds of intense, hard work that pushes your body to its limit (a

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