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Capybara Jackets Argentina

Where Does Carpincho Leather Come From.

The name carpincho is Portuguese, and it refers to a swamp-dwelling animal that is known as the world#s largest rodent.

The Spanish name for this animal is capybara , and this is probably its most common name in English, as well.

This semi-aquatic species is found only in parts of South America including north Argentina , some parts of Brazil and Paraguay.

It’s definitely the real thing.

In Argentina this leather is called “carpincho.

” You will see the locals with jackets , shoes, boots, handbags, gloves, hats, and wallets made of carpincho.

The natural color is a medium brown, but especially in handbags and gloves, the more exclusive houses sometimes dye it a deep blue or red, or sometimes other colors.

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Pieces of Argentina.

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Capybara leather men’s jacket.

Cloth lining.

Zipper closure.

* Capybara leather goods must be shipped with a certificate from National Direction of Fauna, the process to get the certificate is free and takes between 7 and 10 days, These mules were handcrafted in Argentina and are made with Capybara leather.

Capybara leather is very common in South America as they are native and farmed.

They are in no way an endangered species, but it is illegal to hunt capybaras in the wild! The spots are the capybara #s hair follicles, kind of like ostrich leather.

capybara jackets argentina