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Canopus Drums Endorsers

Connor Parks.

Aurelia Trio, Lucas Kadish Tundra, Kalia Vandever, Arta Jekabsone, For Trees & Birds, 07/03/2019 August 1, 2018 ENDORSERS NEWS.

New Accessory Endorser : Max Klots.

June 13, 2018 ENDORSERS NEWS [New Endorser] Dre Energy.

February 13, 2018 ENDORSERS NEWS.

Canopus Accessory Artist, Leon #Ndugu# Chancler passed away.

January 28, 2018 ENDORSERS NEWS.

Video #Harvey Mason chooses Canopus Drums # uploaded!, Frederik Villmow (*1993 in Cologne) is a German jazz-drummer, living in Norway.

He studied jazz drums at Codarts University of Arts in Rotterdam and at Jazzlinja NTNU in Trondheim where he graduated with a Masters Degree.

He has had the privilege of working with such musicians as Tomas Franck, Carl Winther, Vigleik Storaas, John Pl Inderberg, Alan Skidmore, Mats Holmquist Big Band, Gabriel.

Resolve, innovation, and passion define Trevor Anderies’ musical direction.

Based in Los Angeles, California, he performs locally and on the international scene with many groups including, Slumgum, The Walsh Set Trio, The Jon Armstrong Jazz Orchestra, Dan Rosenboom, Joe Anderies Generations Project, Neelamjit Dhillon, The Nigerian Talking Drum Ensemble, and The Trevor Anderies Quintet.


Message to CANOPUS.

NV60-M1 I#ve owned nothing but Gretsch kits for 45 years.

Fine drums with a great sound.

But there were problems with them.

Each drum had a #sweet spot# where it sounded at its best.

Other tunings gave disappointing results.

You might get a kit where each drums # sweet-spot was discordant with the rest of the kit.

January 28, 2018 ENDORSERS NEWS.

Video #Harvey Mason chooses Canopus Drums # uploaded! November 13, 2017 ENDORSERS NEWS.

Jonathan Barber is nominated on Up & Coming section of Modern Drummer Readers Poll 2018.

September 19, 2017 ENDORSERS NEWS.

New Canopus artist Johan Svensson and his 19-piece R.



Series kit! September 18, 2017 ENDORSERS.

Mike was born in upstate NY where he still resides.

He began playing as a child and started his professional career at age 16 with Joe Locke.

Since then Mike has become one of busiest and sought after drummers in upstate NY.

Mike has toured throughout the US and Canada.

His playing credits include James Moody, Benny Golson, Barry Harris, Vincent Herring, Gary Smulyan, Danilo Perez, #, Endorsers Canopus drums Vic Firth (Artist/educator) Zildjian Cymbals Remo heads Lalulas flamenco cajn Late Percussion.

Drums and percussion studies at Curitiba/Brazil Oficina de msica (2009-2010) and (2010-2011).

02/04/2014 You don’t “ask” for an endorsement.

You ask the drum company if they would like for you to be an endorser of their product.

When I first endorsed drums and cymbals and sticks, I learned that the endorsers who get paid or get free fear usually don’t have to approach the company at all; the company approaches them and asks for their endorsement.

05/12/2017 My Canopus bop kit and my Gretsch Brooklyn bop kit sound quite different.

There are certainly differences in the shell construction that have some influence, but the Canopus has die cast and the Gretsch has the 302 hoops.

Also, the Canopus kit has round-over bearing edges, unlike the Gretsch.

Alpha Centauri, Arcturus, Vega, Procyon, Antarescanopus drums endorsers