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Canopus Drums Endorsement

Connor Parks.

Aurelia Trio, Lucas Kadish Tundra, Kalia Vandever, Arta Jekabsone, For Trees & Birds, 07/10/2018 I’m delighted to report that I landed an endorsement with Canopus ! They make stunningly beautiful drums , and it’s an honour to be included in their family.

Haven’t finished unboxing them yet, but here’s a few pics.

It’s a Yaiba Groove kit in ebony finish, 10, 12, 16, 22 and a matching 6.

5×14 snare.

02/04/2014 It behooves drum manufacturers to have well known drummers endorse their product if the drummer’s opinion and use of the instrument influences others to buy that brand, so they PAY them with free drums , support and sometimes money.

BUT the majority of ” endorsements ” these days are not endorsements at all.

17/12/2018 Friends, Today starts a new chapter for me # I#m delighted to announce that I am now a Canopus drums endorser.

The new kit arrived yesterday (fittingly on 12/14/1 and I wanted to say a few words about them.

The journey here: I#ve owned a zillion drums and they were all great and I don#t have anything negative to say about any of my prior kits.


2 Nov.

I am very proud to be endorsing Canopus Drums , Chromacast Accessories, Sabian Cymbals, 2BOX Electronics, Evans Drum Heads & Regal Tip Sticks.

I urge you to check out their products.

Here#s a list of what I#m using: Canopus NV60 M-1.

Canopus drums is pleased to announce our latest endorser Andre Dre Energy Boyd! ” Canopus Drums – The world’s greatest drums ever made.

I am overly impressed with the craftmanship that goes into these drums.

Canopus drums are top notch and I am happy to be apart of the team.

Thank you Canopus #, Nationality: Argentina Martin was born in Buenos Aires in 1981, from an early age as a musician began in the first audio stage piano and perceptive study, later ventured into the world of drums , study twolargest conservatories Argentina, School music of Buenos Aires, Argentine Musicians’Union, in 2005 took the first class, Elias chiche Heger, one of the most recognized teachers not only in.

NDB Drummer Signs Endorsement Deal with CANOPUS Drums.

February 4, 2020.


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NDB Drummer Signs Endorsement Deal with CANOPUS Drums.

Nationality: China He studied under in 2001 in the famous rock drummer Lan.

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