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Can You Wear Fg Boots On 3g


Boot Durability.

There#s an old saying about how some people are so concerned over whether they could, and never stopping to ask themselves if they should.

That#s particularly applicable to some players questions on using FG football boots on artificial ground # don#t worry about whether you can use them, worry about if you should.

Many people can afford one pair of boots which need to cover both turf and grass.

FG boots are probably the way to go for one pair of boots in this situation.

Most people don’t have a problem with FG boots on 3G turf (not astroturf).

It’s not crazy, even if it’s slightly suboptimal to have a pair of FG boots #, 26/01/2018 Another do is firm ground football or rugby boots with round plastic studs (NOT blades).

In particular, what#s attractive about these as an option is that they are multi-functional and can be used on both 3G and natural pitches.

Be careful to purchase boots with a reinforced toe though, as those without can wear away quickly on this surface.

We#ve got your back; this guide will show you the best football boots for all varieties of 5-a-side pitches, whether you #re playing outdoors on artificial turf or if you #re looking for the perfect footwear for indoor futsal.

Here#s how to choose the best 5-a-side boots for you.

Why now is a great time to buy new boots, If you can still return them ( Nike has 30 return policy even if you wear them) I would get some turf shoes.

Way more comfortable, better ball control and they are cheaper.

I wear the hypervenomx proximo ii tf and love them.

Super comfortable and great traction on 3G turf.

AG boots are meant to look & feel like a firm ground boot , however they offer increased grip and cushioning that’s needed on 3G.

What they look like: At first glance the studs will look just like the ones you ‘d find on a firm ground soleplate, however AG boots tend to have the studs hollowed out.

can you wear fg boots on 3g