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Can I Take A Razor In Hand Luggage Easyjet

easyJet does not transport dangerous goods on any of its aircraft except as outlined below.

Please refer to the following table for details about items: that can only be taken in cabin baggage , have to be kept in hold baggage , are not permitted for transport.

22/03/2019 So can you take razors in hand luggage , whether flying easyJet , Ryanair or British Airways?

Related articles Hand luggage rules: The unlikely item you could be banned from packing, You can bring tweezers into the cabin, and scissors with rounded ends and blades less than 6cm long.

Razor blades are only allowed in the cabin if they’re set in plastic.

Knives with a blade not exceeding 6cm can be taken on board.

Other sharp objects are not allowed in the cabin.

For more information please visit our dangerous goods page.

Hand luggage restrictions at UK airports – carry-on luggage , checked-in baggage , restricted items and liquids, electronic devices carried from Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, Hand luggage can i take my razor.

Yes indeed, you may take your razor (and extra blades in their little plastic housing) in your hand baggage.

Deodorant, toothpaste and shaving foam will have to go in a 1L plastic zip top bag but your razor may travel elsewhere in your bag.

Gillette razors and other safety razors that are mounted within a plastic head are usually allowed within hand luggage.

Double-edged blades of any kind are banned from being taken on board flights, and that includes razor blades.

However, you are allowed to take disposable razors in your hand luggage , as long as they#re still in their packaging.

You can also take electric razors in hand.

08/04/2017 What is the hand luggage allowance for easyJet flights?

easyJet passengers can take only one cabin bag as carry on.

There is no weight limit for #, 27/01/2020 easyJet Hand Luggage Allowance.

Each passenger can bring only one piece of hand baggage on-board when travelling with easyJet.

The easyJet hand luggage size is 56 x 45 x 25 cm including the wheels and any handles.

There is no weight limit on cabin baggage.

The new easyJet cabin bag guarantee states that if you would like to avoid having your bag put in the hold in the event #, 15/02/2018 EasyJet launches winter sale 4 – Know your luggage.

Airlines advise passengers to pack liquids in their suitcase.

If you take them in your hand luggage each #, The goverment website definately says that fixed blade disposable razors can be taken in hand luggage.

I always take a Bic disposable with me but don`t bother to bring it back.

Have travelled with both EasyJet and Ryanair with no problems.


can i take a razor in hand luggage easyjet