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C G P A Stands For

24/08/2017 GPA vs CGPA GPA and CGPA are terms that are commonly heard in the world of education.

These terms refer to different systems of grading or giving grades to students based upon their academic performance in different subjects.

While marks are given.

, CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Points Average.

It is the average of Grade Points obtained in 5 subjects excluding additional 6th subject as per Scheme of Studies.

CBSE no longer ranks class 10 students on the basis of marks but on the basis of CGPA.

It is calculated in a scale of 10, where highest is 10 and lowest is 4.

, 27/11/2019 For example: for the C.



A category 10-9, the value obtained in step 1 is 10.

It becomes 100 on squaring.

Apply similar operation for all the categories; Step 3: Divide all the values obtained in step 2 by the related expected frequencies i.


(O-E) 2 /E.

For example: for the C.



A category 10-9, the value obtained in step 2 is 100.

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, Do they explain what the acronyms stand for anywhere?

Eg S.



V , C.


T , B.



S, W.


G , P.


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I another acronym to be explained.

, 28/02/2020 A PAP (which stands for Pre-Advanced Placements which can also be called Honours) is multiplied by 1.


An AP (Advanced Placement, also called College or College Level) is multiplied by 1.


Let`s say a person N.

has 5 classes, and these are his grades; PAP Literature=94, Regular Chemistry=87, AP World Civilizations=98, PAP Pharmaceuticals.

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c g p a stands for