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Bullhide Belts Vs Beltman

06/03/2011 The Beltman ‘s belts are beautifully made of quality leather and are SUBSTANTIAL.

They do what they are intended to do very well.

What “NC Bullseye” says about the 1.

5″ width is undoubtedly true, but I prefer the looks of the 1.

25″ belt and don’t find them lacking in any respect.

07/08/2016 Talking about gun belts and comparing Bullhides Belt vs Hanks.

Links: Bullhide Gun Belt -https://www.


com/collections/ bullhide – belts /products/cop.

Choose a QUICK SHIP belt for classic Beltman quality with lightning-fast delivery.

Or if you want a more unique customized belt , choose from one of our other bullhide belt styles and customize it to your heart’s content.

QUICK SHIP Dual-Layer Bullhide Gun Belt 626.

$ 79.



David and Rachel already knew a good bit about belt making, and had a manufacturing background, but they wanted to be certain that they could make a gun belt that would live up to the legendary Beltman standards.

So David temporarily moved to Apex, North Carolina to work as an apprentice in the Beltman shop and learn at the feet of the master.

I am good friends with Jim the owner of the Belt Man , and I have worn a bullhide belt from him for about 11 months.

I have zero complaints.

I hear the horsehide is even stiffer, which if you carry OWB I would probably recommend.

level 1.

VA Glock 26 1 point 4 years ago.

Our Quick Ship belt is the classic 1.

5″ wide Beltman dual-layer bullhide belt that is widely considered the gold standard in leather gun belts.

And now you can get it with or without the internal stiffener! The only difference between our Quick Ship bullhide belts and our made-to-order bullhide belts is

bullhide belts vs beltman