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Bridgeport J Head Belt Replacement

Bridgeport J head step pulley disassembly and reassembly.

Note some pictures show the head partially painted, but it is the same machine.

Loosen motor mounting bolts, slacken drive belt , disconnect wiring from junction box rather than at the motor switch if possible and #, 06/05/2009 Tubalcain explains how to replace the belt on your Bridgeport milling machine.

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BRIDGEPORT MILL J – head How to Change Timing Belt mrpete222.


06/10/2014 I continue to inspect and fix problems with the 1965 J Head.

The V belt connecting the two step pulleys needs to be replaced.

I was sure this was a simple thing to do but it isn’t.

I loosened the drive motor and got the belt off the drive pulley but there seems to be a lot going on with the spindle pulley.

Bridgeport J Head Parts- Vee Belt Step Speed Pulley Where available, we have listed below the most common spare parts for your machine to order directly from this page.

If the part you require is not listed below, please open the Exploded Diagram below or the Bridgeport Manual, note the page and reference number of the part your require, and.

I did this when I# changed both of my belts.

if your just changing the v belt you have to remove the plate off the rear pulley to remove the top.

mrpete222 November 17, 2012 This video MACHINE SHOP# TIPS #14 BRIDGEPORT MILL Parts (B) tubalcain.

15/12/2013 Bridgeport Mill Variable Speed Drive (2J) Disassembly Part 1 / Belt replacement.

This video covers the teardown of the major components of a Bridgeport Variable Speed (2J) drive head.

bridgeport j head belt replacement