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Bravestarr No Drums No Trumpets

12/04/2018 BraveStarr affectionately calls him “li’l partner”.

Fuzz is typically a figure of comic relief, but also plays more-serious roles at need.

The first of the Prairie People to befriend humans.

, Directed by Marsh Lamore.

With Charlie Adler, Susan Blu, Pat Fraley, Ed Gilbert.

Paco, a retired marshal who vowed never to pick up his Neutra-Laser again wants to start a new life as a farmer near Fort Kerium.

But Sand Storm claims the valley is his and tries to force Paco and his daughter Michelle out.

, 26/03/2008 The boy’s name is BraveStarr , who has been prophesised a special destiny and bestowed with four special powers; strength of a bear, speed of a puma, eyes of a hawk and a wolf’s acuteness of hearing.

, Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, No Drums , No Trumpets , Michella Rivera regards her father Paco as a coward, because he refuses to fight.

When Michelle is captured by Sandstorm, BraveStarr help.

, BraveStarr: No Drums, No Trumpets.

BBC One London, 11 December 1989 16.


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