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Bootstrap Ml Md 3

Bootstrap includes a wide range of shorthand responsive margin and padding utility classes to modify an element#s appearance.


ml-lg-0: Appears only on lg.


d-xl-0: Appears only on xl.

ml-xl-3: This is a regularly spaced paraph.

Example The media object helps you to build complex and repetitive components where some media is positioned alongside content that doesn#t wrap around said media.

Plus, it does this with only two required classes thanks to flexbox.

Below is an example of a single media object.

Only two classes are required # the wrapping.

media and the class.

media-body around your content.

0 # 0px margin/padding.

; 1 # 4px margin/padding.

; 2 # 8px margin/padding.

; 3 # 16px margin/padding.

; 4 # 24px margin/padding.

; 5 # 48px margin/padding.

; auto # auto margin.

; Breakpoint: Breakpoints are points where the website content can adjust according to the device and allow to show the best layout to the user.

sm, md, lg and xl are following breakpoints.

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Quick Start.

To start using the UI Kit you will need to import some files in your current project or start from scratch using our template (scroll down in this page to view it).

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I have had similar issues with space between columns.

The root problem is that columns in bootstrap 3 and 4 use padding instead of margin.

So background colors for two adjacent columns touch each other.

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