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Bootstrap Ez Setup Py

!/usr/bin/env python “”” Setuptools bootstrapping installer.

Maintained at https://github.


Run this script to install or upgrade.

, ez_setup.

Problem: setup.

py of several Python projects blindly import the setuptools bootstrap module ez_setup.

py without realizing that it is usually not installed in the user#s machine.

This causes much trouble.

Workaround: Include ez_setup.

py (and distribute_setup.

py) as a installable Python package so users can do easy_install ez_setup troublesome_package as a workaround.

, Ok, so you do have wget already.

It’s probably in /opt/local/bin or /sw/bin, but you never set your PATH to those directories, so it didn’t get picked up.

But let’s stick with curl for now, since that’s on the system by default: I’ve updated my answer to move the sudo into the right place (in front of python, which is the command that requires root access, not curl).

# user707650 Jan 31 ’14.

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, Tools for packaging, distribution, and installation of Python packages, augmenting the distutils standard library.

, Python comes in two versions: Python v2.

x and Python v3.


(Here, x represents an appropriate version number.

) While Python v2.

x is a legacy branch and has better library support, Python v3.

x is the future of Python.

Most Linux distributions and Mac OS X operating systems are equipped with Python, and they have v2.

x as their preferred and default version of Python.

, Real-time Graphing With the Raspberry Pi: Time for some Raspberry Pi + Plotly Streaming fun! Recently we completed an Instructable for visualizing temperature and humidity data using an Arduino and Plot.

ly, a free online collaborative graphing tool.

Now it’s time to extend that fun t.

, Installing Python 2.


9 on CentOS.

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, install python pip on cygwin.

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