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Bootstrap 4 Pb0

; PB0 = 0 applies +21V to the micro’s Vpp input (pin 6).

PB0 = 1 applies +5V.

; +21V is used when programming and +5V is used when verifying.

;In this listing the code appears twice.

That’s because even though the Bootstrap ROM is the ;115 bytes starting from address 0785H the first thing it does when it runs is to copy itself, Dismiss Join GitHub today.

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Computer Engineering Assignment Help, Bootstrap , The device is packaged in a 80 pin PLCC device as shown.

The main groupings of the pins are as follows Port A PA0 – PA7 Parallel Port or Timer Port B PB0 – PB7 Parallel Port or High address bus for expansion Port C PC0 – PC7 Parallel Port or Data bus, Pb0.


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MC68HC11A8MOTOROLAMC68HC11A8TS/D7Figure 4 Address/Data DemultiplexingSpecial bootstrap mode allows special purpose programs to be entered into internal RAM.

The boot-loader program uses the SCI to read a 256-byte program into on-chip RAM at $0000 through $00FF.

After receiving the character for address $00FF, control passes to the loaded program at $0000.

Special test mode is #, pb0 a7/d7 pc7 a6/d6 pc6 a5/d5 pc5 a4/d4 pc4 a3/d3 pc3 a2/d2 pc2 a1/d1 pc1 a0/d0 pc0 r/w strb as stra parallel i/o equivalent to mc68hc24 figure 1 mc68hc11a8 block diagram motorola 4 cop oscillator timer system periodic interrupt cpu 256 512 bytes bytes ram eeprom 8 kbytes rom v dd power v #, pb0 pb1 pb2 pb3 pb4 pb5 pb6 pb7 port a register pc0 pc1 pc2 pc3 pc4 pc5 pc6 pc7 port d pd7 sci spi baud rate generator accumulator index register condition code register stack pointer program counter high program counter low cpu control cpu alu 4160 8 eeprom 240 8 bootstrap rom 176 8 static ram prog reg timer system oscillator and 2.

It relies on the Arduino environment for the UART part and some initializations, but the resulting code behaves identical to the original version.

The main point is to show the internal logic and to be a more accessible base for modifications.

The price for this convienence is a much bigger binary size: 4.

8kB instead of 1.


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bootstrap 4 pb0