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Boots Vg For Vaping

06/01/2016 Tried ‘premium if you like’ VG from a vape shop last month.

No difference at all.

Used the 100ml and didn’t bother getting any more.

I had read people saying ‘real’ VG was better – kept flavour better etc.

Not for me.

Boots value Glycerin is the one.

Cheap as chips and EASY to get hold off.

13/06/2020 Rumour was that they dont like selling it to people who use it for vaping , as it’s not being used for its intended purpose.

Probably Boots want you to buy nic patches or gum, same thing with lots of their cheaper products, buy expensive laxatives instead of epsom salts, which like the Glycerin is always (purposely) out of stock.

04/09/2015 Evening Apesters, I have some 12 mg juices @ 60/40 pg vg and would like to thicken it up and water down the nic a bit to say 60/40 vg pg so it less harsh to vape, I am thinking about picking up some vg from Boots 2moz , any thoughts on using said vg.

05/07/2014 Well I’ve got a PG allergy and I have been mixing 75 VG 25 PG juices for a while but with this dam PG allergy its time to go 100% VG.

So boots sell.

This vaping is costing me WAAAY more than my roll ups! 25/06/15 07:44 PM: nommo Mycophile Posts: 659 Likes Given: 490 Likes Received: 334 in 218 posts Joined: Jan 2014 Reputation: 3 : Undisclosed Location: uk: Post: #12.

RE: Boots Glycerin Warning.

Is the boots vg sweeter than the ones sold specificaly for vaping Iv made a few different combos using mainly this (undialuted) and all of them have a very sweet flavour And tasting the glycerol itsel.

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RE: vg from boots ?

(06/12/14 11:28 AM) jayw7 Wrote: Boots have stopped selling it I’ve just been to 2 shops including a huge one anywhere else and pics of what I’m after would’ve good I did a local survey over the phone and that was the answer I got from some, but our nearest had it in stock and they say there is no plan not to stock it.

Advantages of using VG Vape Juice.

When it comes to vaping , the e-juice you use will determine how much you enjoy vaping.

By now, you are probably familiar with VG e-liquid brands.

Initially, PG and VG blends were dominant in the vaping world.

However, with time, vapers started demanding e-liquids that produced thick clouds of vapor.

(13/06/16 02:23 AM) Job_CF Wrote: (13/06/16 02:05 AM) Faren Wrote: My wife emailed boots about their VG liquid last year and they confirmed it was made entirely of potatoes.

So we’ve mostly used it quite happily since then.

Would be reassuring to know however whether these potatoes were of the organic variety and not some mansanto franken food genetically modified things.

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boots vg for vaping