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Boots Flyers Fwu 8 P

Boots , Flyer’s , FWU-3/P.

Specially designed for use by pilots.

Specially insulated, Goodyear welt construction with zipper insert, speed lacers, leather linings, oil proof outsole and more.

These must be ordered in sets of 6 per size/width.

Minimum order of 60 pair.

#, Boots , Flyer’s , FWU-8/P.

Features: Specially designed for use by pilots, Genuine Goodyear welt construction, Black full grain cowhide upper, 5 1/2 iron Texorist insole, 3 iron jet fuel resistant midsole, 16 iron black military chevron design oil proof outsole, Black chevron design oil proof heel, FWU-8/P Flyers Boots.

Condition is New with box.

Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.

Bigger quantities and special orders are welcomed on request.

We ship world wide.

Features: Specially designed for use by pilots; Genuine Goodyear welt construction, BOOTS, FLYERS’ FWU-8/P A description is not available for this item.


November 5, 1975 BOOTS, FLYERS’ FWU-8/P The boots covered by this specification are intended to be worn for operational flight purposes by personnel of the Department #, BOOTS,FLYERS’FWU-8/P.

Includes all amendments and changes through Cancellation Notice 1, July 8, 2019.

View Abstract Product Details Document History MIL-B-83277 (Complete Document ) Revision A, July 8, 19.

MIL-B-83277 (Amendment Only ) Cancellation Notice 1, July 8, #, Click here to make tpub.

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