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Bookcase Po Angielsku

Przykady uycia – ” bookcase ” po polsku.

Ponisze tumaczenia pochodz z zewntrznych rde i mog by niedokadne.


la nie jest odpowiedzialne za ich brzmienie.

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” bookcase ” po polsku # Sownik angielsko-polski | zobacz ” bookcase” po angielsku.



biblioteczka, rega na ksiki.

An enormous bookcase took up one entire wall.

(Ogromna biblioteczka zajmowaa ca cian.

) The bookcase was made from oak.

“sectional bookcase ” po polsku # Sownik angielsko-polski | zobacz “sectional bookcase” po angielsku.

sectional bookcase barrister’s bookcase.


rega segmentowy; sectional bookcase , barrister’s bookcase rzeczownik.

Dodatkowe przykady dopasowywane s do hase w zautomatyzowany sposb – nie gwarantujemy ich poprawnoci.

“bookstand” po polsku # Sownik angielsko-polski | zobacz “bookstand” po angielsku # Sownik polsko- angielski.


Now, the General went straight to the bookcase , leaving his cup of coffee on the bookstand in the middle of the room.

A bookcase is also known as a bookshelf,.

The total number of reported cases, however, was only 37.

Mention of his name is made in some reported cases.

In most of the reported cases, the treatment options were very similar.

The number of reported cases has been increasing in most countries.

According to one report there are only 300 reported cases of stone baby in the world.

More than 50 years of research has turned up 30.

(shelf in bookcase ) pka rzeczownik rodzaju eskiego: Oznacza osob, zwierz, przedmiot, zjawisko lub pojcie rodzaju eskiego (np.

malarka, podoga, katastrofa).

The books are lined up neatly on the office shelf.

Dodatkowe Tumaczenia: Angielski : Polski: shelf n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.

(geology) (w.

To sectionalize the transmission network and protect against failures, a “wave trap” is connected in series with the power (transmission) line.

The unused U1, U2, and R bits of a PRM are used in SPRMs primarily to sectionalize circuit failures.

Before long the two strangers were helping to “sectionalize” the supplies, as Mr.

Flicker puts it, so that rescue workers could stumble west on South.

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Bookcase MR3Dwidth: 80 cm, depth: 40 cm, height: 200 cm.

Chest of drawers MK1D3SZwidth: 120 cm, depth: 40 cm, height: 90 cm.

You can check it easily yourself.

This is especially important in case of large corner beds and sofas (ie.


rega translation in Polish-English dictionary.

en The bringing together, for the benefit of others, for the purpose of presenting and selling the same, traffic and safety mirrors, trolley protection rails, safety barriers, aluminium and metal profiles as shield safety guards ready to montage, metal elements for rack protection, metal hoop barriers, steel safety railings, steel elements for.

bookcase po angielsku