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Bike Rack For Audi Q5 Uk

Audi Q5 (2008 to 2017): Bike carrier options: Carry up to 4 bikes ; You’ll need one carrier for each bike ; Holds bike upright and secure, That#s why we have a wide range of Audi Q5 bike storage solutions so that you can continue to enjoy your weekends without worrying about damaging everything.

We have all the different racks to suit your style of use including those that mount to your trunk, those that will carry your bike on the roof and those that will carry more than one.

A towbar mounted bike rack takes the hassle out of getting your bike from A to B without hoisting it up on the roof.

They are safe, sturdy, secure and allow you to access your boot at the same time.

Towbar mounted bike racks are suitable for active cyclists and frequent holiday-goers.

be used in conjunction with the roof rack provided as standard for the Audi Q5.

2 Ski and snowboard rack To transport up to six pairs of skis or four snowboards easily.


Can only be used in conjunction with the roof rack provided as standard for the Audi Q5.

Ski bag A convenient way to transport your skis.

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Accept nothing less than the quality, precision, and durability of Audi.

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bike rack for audi q5 uk