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Biaggi Luggage Shark Tank

Biaggi on Shark Tank.

Stephen entered the Shark Tank seeking $500,000 for 30% of his business.

Stephen talked about how regular luggage takes up so much space in everyday households.

Biaggi will make Your Business Trips & Weekends Away A Whole Lot Easier.

Shop Now! Travel in Style As Seen on Shark Tank Foldable Fabulous Luggage, 15/11/2014 Biaggi Foldable Luggage does exactly what its name implies.

The entire suitcase collapses to a fraction of the size, making storage a cinch.

It#s no wonder that the sharks on Shark Tank loved it.

It solves a real problem that many people have.

Biaggi is the only full-size, four-wheeled luggage that folds to easily fit under a bed, in the.

05/11/2016 Stephen Hersh, inventor of the Biaggi ZipSak, may have been born to sell bags but who knew those bags would lead him to jumping into a tank filled with sharks.

Since his fateful appearance on the show Shark Tank , Hersh’s luggage company Biaggi has certainly made a splash so big that Hersh was featured on Beyond the Tank.

The show #Beyond the.

Biaggi luggage is a company making foldable suitcases and started by Stephen Hirsch and his father.

The company has two and a half million dollars in sales in two years.

Stephen makes his pitch in Shark Tank Season 6.

Biaggi luggage bags inventory issue.

They bought a ton of inventory straight off, and that turned out to be a roadblock.

Stephen Hersh dove straight into a tank full of sharks – and lived to tell about it.

The president of Biaggi , a company that sells an innovative brand of foldable luggage , is a familiar face to fans of the hit ABC series Shark Tank , appearing on the show in December 2014 to pitch his business to the waiting panel of high-powered, high-profile investors.

Biaggi ZipSak inventor, Stephen Hersh, has certainly made his mark beyond his original # Shark Tank # appearance in 2014 – wowing shark Lori Greiner with his foldable luggage.

The now international entrepreneur, public speaker and CEO of Biaggi continues to expand and evolve his brand of innovative travel bags, with award-winning patents.

01/04/2016 At his foldable luggage company, Biaggi , Stephen Hersh made a series of very expensive mistakes, resulting in a $3 million loss.

He was selling off inventory when he appeared on Shark Tank in biaggi luggage shark tank