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Bgee Experience Tables

Note: after level 18, a single-class Mage will already have learnt every proficiency allowed to the class, but characters dual-classed into Mages can continue to gain new proficiencies (as allowed by their original class) at levels 24 and 30 (marked * above).

Sorcerers cannot be dual-classed and therefore gain no new proficiencies after level 18.

31 rows Sorcerer’s Place is a project run entirely by fans and for fans.

Maintaining Sorcerer’s Place #, Table for experience , weapon proficiency points and hitpoints Edit.

Level Level Cap XP Required Hit Dice Hit Dice (Barbarian, Dwarven Defender) Attacks per round Weapon Proficiency THAC0 Saving throws D/W/P/B/S No.

of HLA; 1 0 1d10 1d12 1 +4 20 14/16/15/17/17 2 2,000 2d10 2d12 1 19 14/16/15/17/17 3 4,000 3d10 3d12 1 +1 18, The classic adventure returns! Baldur#s Gate: Enhanced Edition includes the original Baldur#s Gate adventure, the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion, and all #, The rules for 2e, which BGEE uses, are mostly based on simplifications (and misunderstandings) of the 1e rules.

Balance can make games better, but in a single-player game it doesn’t really matter.

For multi-player games it really does matter, and my table top D&D games tend to have multiple players.

This page is specifically for the bard class in.

For the version in, refer to Bard (Baldur’s Gate).

Bards are jacks-of-all-trades, a result of a lifetime spent on the road, singing in taverns to earn their keep and learning about local legends and tales.

Through these varied experiences, they learn many different abilities.

They are able to cast up to 6th level wizard spells and pick pockets.

This page is specifically for the thief class in.

For the version in, refer to Thief (Baldur’s Gate).

Thieves are rogues who can open locks, steal items, hide in shadows, find and disarm traps.

Given their skillset, thieves can’t be lawful good.

However, you’ll run into many situations in game that require these thieving skills, making a thief party member essential for almost every playthrough.

bgee experience tables