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Category for items that can be equipped as the character’s belt.

Based on the item category or type Belts and girdles (3) and the unidentified , general name of it.

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15/06/2014 Belt of Antipode question.

So it says it grants full cold immunity yeah, and “doubles fire damage” Did they do that by giving you -100 fire immunity, or actually just multiplying damage by two?

If its the first that belts kinda meh outside some situations, if its the second then with some minor fire immunity gear and a spell you are immune to.

A Rogue Ogre, also known as Unshey’s Girdle of Piercing and Unshey’s Belt , is a side quest in Baldur’s Gate, available from Chapter One on.

Only with a reaction of eight or higher will Unshey, a female dwarf on The Friendly Arm’s second floor, tell an interested Gorion’s Ward and party how she had to “bargain [her] new girdle of piercing for [her] life out” of an encounter with “a rogue ogre.

From a roleplaying perspective, a lot of character would want to reunite the belt with its rightful owner, while others would consider themselves to now be the rightful owner.

To answer your question, though, no.

The belt is worth far more than 850 XP.

The XP cap is easy to hit in this game, but there are only so many magical belts floating around.


Wear these belts around your waist for various beneficial effects.

Girdle of Bluntness.

Properties: Armor Class Bonus: +4 vs.

blunt weapons.

Weight: 2.

Location: Found in the room at 11 on Level 2 of Irenicus’ Dungeon.

Sold by the Temple of Umberlee at 12 in Brynnlaw.

Girdle of Fire Giant Strength.

Properties: Sets wearer’s.

“Big fisted belt – Cursed belt of hill giant strength – Cloudpeaks temple (part of Rasaads quest) – this is actually quite good – sets strength to 19 but int to 6” Holy crap, just the item Rasaad needs to be viable in combat! Just need to give him some good AC bracers and he’ll be a decent fighter.

Reviews “The writing of Baldur’s Gate has always been one of its strongest aspects.

The story remains unchanged and still holds up.

” 8.

5/10 – Destructoid “Hammers out a multitude of bugs found in the original release, as well as introduces brand new characters, storylines, and modes to play through.

26/05/2001 belt of frost giant strenght (addition to the sling) Then I carry 2xscrollcase 1xgem bag and bag of holding The rest is Lots of potions.

Personally I don’t Like this pure mage thing.

I would prefer a Dual class Fighter-Mage any day.

Just being able to wear a magnificent range of shields and helmets.

Not to mention a wider weapon selection.

I know what the best weapons are in BG2, but it’s been so long since I’ve played part 1 I can’t remember a thing.

I’m trying to figure out my proficiencies.

I know longswords are a solid choice, but I’d like some specific examples of powerful weapons.


For Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition on the PC, FAQ/Walkthrough by Haeravon.

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