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Best Stands For Kef Q150

16/02/2019 The Klipsch Reference Premiere 600 was the Audiophiliac Speaker of the Year for 2018 because it sounded more alive and dynamic than any other speaker near its #, Two-way bookshelf The Q150 proves that the best things come in small packages.

A Uni-Q driver and CFD port mean it punches way above its weight.

Q Series bookshelf speakers excel in small spaces.

KEF ‘s Uni-Q driver array plus Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) port tech equals high resolution and big sound.

Priced as a PAIR.

Magnetic grilles sold separately.

KEF Speaker Stands and Accessories.

Get the perfect stands to match your KEF speakers.

KEF Q150 Loudspeakers Price: $550 USD per pair.

KEF Kube12b Subwoofer Price: $700 USD each.

Warranty (both): Five years, passive parts; one year, active parts.

KEF GP Acoustics (UK) Ltd.

Eccleston Road, Tovil Maidstone, Kent England ME15 6QP UK Phone: +44 (0)1622-672261 Fax: +44 (0)162-750653.

E-mail: [email protected] kef.

com Website: www.




27/07/2017 For the KEF Q150 review, we started the speakers off on Onkyo#s new TX-8270 stereo receiver, which did a respectable job of revealing the Q150 #s deep and dimensional soundstage, marked by #, Speaker stands for Kef Q150 ‘s?

Buying Advice CAN.

These bookshelf speakers are abnormally large (about 7″x12″) so I’ve been having a hard time finding speaker stands to match them.

Right now I just have them sitting on my console but they’re very close together, I want to spread them farther, especially from my centre.


level 1.


After the Q100 and Q300, KEF spent years researching and developing the LS50.

It is now known as some of the best bang for your buck at that price range.

Really a fantastic speaker all around.

After they made the LS50, they made the Q150 and Q350.

You’ll notice that the port is on the back and the Uni-Q is in the middle, much like the LS50.

Using these stand with KEF Q100s at first (now LS50s) these stands seem to have helped tighten up the bass and brought additional clarity/punchiness to the speakers.

also there extremely sleek and xy looking for speaker stands.

the roundness of the stands upright tube is a little odd looking with the boxy Q100 speakers but looks absolutely.

best stands for kef q150