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Best Stand Fusions Project Jojo

Fusion is a mechanic in Project JoJo.

Fusion can be acquired by using a Stone Rokakaka near the “Wall Eyes” (which are the disfigured boulders located left of the school behind the power lines).

Note that to do this, you need to complete all of Jotaro Kujo’s Quests.

, Stand Fusions are separated among Parts and each define what type of fusion would occur if the said stand was used as a Sub for your Base/Main Stand.

[NOTE]: Some Stands here that are Marked “Non-Humanoid” along their name aren’t Humanoid Stands.

They’ll take appearance of a tool/weapon on the stand itself or take some forms of their appearance.

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Tips for begginer.

, Killer Queen Alternate Universe sub-ability is currently really good.

It adds extra damage to attacks under 3k damage, and gives you three weak Sheer Heart Attack’s.

I’d recommend you pair it with Guest Platinum, or Cream OH.

Whitesnake sub is also great, with it’s 1/3 chance of suppressing the opponent’s stand for a few seconds on each hit.

, In order to complete the Fusion , you must induce the following: (1) Complete all 5 of Jotaro’s quests.

(2) Obtain a Stone Rokakaka fruit.

(3) Head towards the wall eyes located in Morioh.

Make sure that you’re carrying your base stand while your sub stand is in the yellow square in Pucci’s Storage.

(4) Stand on the wall eyes and eat your stone rokakaka.

[NOTE]: Upon a successful fusion , all.

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, Best King Crimson fusions ?



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there are scammers I kinda loose a lot of progress Even today I lost my cer because of a scammer And my closest power stand is a SP oh fusion Also who ever has been scam write ur Roblox username and tell what stand u lost and if possible try telling who#s the scammer so we all can.

, Best sub stand for MIH fusion ?




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Made in Heaven.

3 months ago.

Best sub stand for MIH fusion ?


I want to make a really strong MIH as a base.

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Jojo ‘s bizzare adventure.






best stand fusions project jojo