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Best Seat Cushion For Office Chair Reddit

So as most of you I am stuck working from home and looking to get a great office chair to help my poor back (the kitchen chair been killing it for long hours).

so I am looking for a budget friendly best office chair to get in 2020, something that is hopefully below $100 and with good back support and of course will last me for years ahead.

any recommendations will be greatly appreciated!, I have $500 to spend on an office chair , and I’m currently looking at these two.

From the reviews online, The Series 1’s lumbar support doesn’t look deep enough for me.

the Ergochair’s shipment estimate is 3+ weeks (4+ weeks for the Kinn chair ) and I’ll prefer a shorter wait if all else is equal.

I’ll get straight to the point.

I need an office chair before I totally screw up my back by working on a sofa.

I’m 6ft and about 190 lbs.

I usually work in a slightly reclined position and regularly keep shifting about in my chair (can’t help it).

I’ve found a HM Embody for about 700 dollars.

The leap for about 600 dollars.


Go on Craigslist and get an Aeron.

You can get one for $300-400.

The Aeron is not good for $1000 new, but they’re easy to find used because there are so many, and it’s the best chair $400 will buy you.

You can also try to find a better chair used, like a Steelcase Leap or Gesture, or Herman Miller Mirra.

25/03/2020 Best Seat Cushion for your Office Chair iMore 2020.

If you spend a lot of time sitting for work (like I do), you want your seat to be as comfortable as possible.

Whether you’re working from home, sitting in an office chair , a car or truck, or any kind of seat at all, a seat cushion can make your day more enjoyable and keep away those aches and pains.

Here are some of our favori, I work in office furniture.

There’s not much you can do.

Either replace the cushion , which will normally require some upholstering and will be a pain in the tuchus.

Or get a new chair and don’t repeat the same mistake.

Most good commercial-grade manufacturers will warranty the seat cushion against that sort of deformation for upwards of ten years.

best seat cushion for office chair reddit