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Best Primer For Thermofoil Cabinets

25/05/2020 The primer is a crucial component when you are attempting to paint a slick surface like Thermofoil.

Choose a good bonding primer like Zinsser B-I-N.

Zinsser has shellac in it and will stick like glue to the surface of the cabinets.

13/06/2017 Thermofoil cabinets are wood cabinets with a finish on them that looks like it is #baked on#.

I had seen tutorials about pulling all the thermofoil off your cabinets in order to paint them.

I didn#t see a need for this because the thermofoil on these cabinets don#t really even feel like a covering because it is adhered so well.

20/07/2017 Supplies Needed to Paint Thermofoil Cabinets.

There are a limited number of supplies your need in order to paint your thermofoil cabinets ! But, each of the items listed below will help ensure you get the best and post durable finish possible on your thermofoil cabinets ! This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience.

Primers for Thermofoil Doors.

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Cabinet and Millwork Installation.



Paint will adhere to thermofoil if a bonding primer is applied first, but if the cabinets are older and the thermofoil is not stable, I prefer to remove the thermofoil with a heat gun.

The remaining glue can be cleaned off of the surface with denatured alcohol, then primed with a sealing primer before painting.

Non-porous: Thermofoil is seamless across the entire face of the surface.

Being a plastic product, it is smooth and essentially non-porous.

Water will not affect thermofoil.

Easy to keep clean: Thermofoil is impervious to most staining and is easy to wipe off.

; Inexpensive: Thermofoil cabinets help manufacturers put out a more cost-effective product, which can result in lower costs to the consumer.

primers packaging.

Make sure that the primer can be used on thermofoil kitchen cabinets.

Open the closes windows and doors.

You will need proper ventilation.

Using a paintbrush, apply the primer to the cabinets in wide, even strokes.

If you are painting the cabinet doors individually, put them on a small tarp, towel or blanket.

Apply the primer.

After seeing this thermofoil kitchen I painted recently a friend of mine decided she needed me to transform her kitchen too.

As you can see she gave me some great #bones# to work with.

These cabinets while nice and bright white just weren#t holding up well.

Some of them had turned yellow and some of.

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With your second coat of primer dry, it’s time to begin painting your thermofoil cabinets.

Using a paintbrush or roller, proceed to apply your latex paint in the same fashion as your primer.

Foam is typically the best material for applying paint to thermofoil , so try to find a foam-based paint brush or roller for.

best primer for thermofoil cabinets