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Belts And Braces Canicross

Belts ‘n’ Braces.


Bespoke canicross lines and dog gear.

Commissions welcomed, message or email for more details.

21/05/2013 The belts with pockets are the Non-Stop Running & Comfort Belts , The Zero DC Canicross & #Speedy# Belts and the Neewa Canicross & Trekking Belts.

I hope this short guide gives you a few things to think about when choosing or upgrading your belt but if you do have any more questions please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail: emilyt.


Price: $78.

00 The Windchill Canicross Belt is designed for walking or running with your dog, but can also be used for skijoring.

The padded section of the belt is 12 cm in depth across the spine and complies with IFSS rules for Canicross and Skijoring.

Running with your dog is a great way to keep you and your dog fit.

It will help to tire out even the most energetic of dogs, and owners.

If you run with your dog or Canicross as it is becoming known, we have a range of canicross equipment including the hands free leash, to help you and your dog get the best out of every run, whilst keeping you and your dog safe.

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The sport of canicross is rapidly growing in the UK as more people discover it and the benefits it can bring for both human and canine alike.

Canicross in it’s simplest form is running cross country (on trails and paths, rather than roads) with your dog and many people have been doing this with their dogs without even realising there is a name for it, or that it is a sport which has it’s own.

belts and braces canicross