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Beer Pong Rerack Names

26/08/2017 Beer Pong Names & Cup Formations 1 Cup Beer Pong Reracks Rule: Cup Formation Centered Beer Pong Rerack Cup Formation.

The Centered Re-Rack cup formation doesn#t really count as a re-rack.

This is because you#re only moving the beer pong cup back into the original position, had it not slid or been knocked out of position the round before.

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05/06/2010 well you start with 4,3,2,1.

with 6 cups you can do 3,2,1.

or a sword which is a diamond with two extra cups in front of it.

with 5 cups you can do a diamond and one.

or the zipper which is a sideways 3,2.

or a box and one which i don’t recommend, 04/04/2013 In beer pong , there are different names for the same things, depending on which region you come from.

Just like people who refer to soda as #pop,# players from different areas may refer to things differently.

But there are also some standard beer pong terms that almost everyone understands.

In beer pong , otherwise known as beirut, depending on the rules (either 6 cup or 10 cup) you are allowed one or two re-racks, respectively.

You call for a re-rack when you have 6, 4, 3, 2 or even 1 cup left for a better formation.

You cannot call a re-rack until it is your turn to shoot, and you can’t call one if you or your partner shoots.

It has to be the very beginning of a turn.

beer pong rerack names