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Beat Drums Greedfall

12/09/2019 In this Greedfall Drums Puzzle Guide, we will show you how you can complete the drums puzzle in the Face to Face With the Demon quest that you can find in the game.

The quest requires you to beat the drums in the correct order so that you can progress further in the story.

09/09/2019 Greedfall Beat the Drums , Find the Rusty Chest Key & Acquire the Potion in Face to Face with the Demon Beat the drums Acquire and pour the potion Find the Ru.

10/09/2019 Greedfall Beat the Drums , Find Rusty Chest Key & Acquire the Potion (Face to Face with the Demon ) – Duration: 4:43.

Trophygamers 9,265 views, Again with you, thanks for your preference, in this guide we give you the necessary help so you can solve drum puzzles more easily in GreedFall.

In GreedFall you have to face a demon in the GreedFall mission, so you have to get into a very dangerous swamp, to get it, once you place yourself in that swamp you must establish a conversation with a.

11/09/2019 Here#s the drum order you need to follow: Yellow Insect; Frog; Red Snake; Once this part is done you will be able to progress to the next part of the quest.

This marks the end of our GreedFall #Face to Face With The Demon# Drums puzzle guide.

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If you find yourself stumped by this demon hunting adventure, then let#s take a look at how to beat the Face to Face With The Demon quest in GreedFall.

Greedfall Drums Puzzle Guide After arriving at the swamp, you will meet a hermit that tells you about another group of #, 11/09/2019 An Old Hermit, a dirty swamp, and some drums.

This GreedFall Drum Puzzle Guide tells you how to complete the Drum Puzzle in GreedFall during the main story quest, Face to Face with the Demon.

This quest is shortly after the Stone Candle puzzle quest.

You arrive in a new swampy area and are greeted by an Old Hermit who tells you about an ancient.

10/09/2019 Borderlands 3 All Proving Grounds Trial Locations: Proving Grounds #1 # Trial of Survival Proving Grounds #2 # Trial of Cunning Proving Grounds #3 # Trial of Discipline Proving Grounds #4 # Trial of Instinct Proving Grounds #5 # Trial of Fervor Proving Grounds #6 # Trial of Supremacy —– #, GreedFall Guides How to PC PlayStation 4 In the Face to Face With The Demon in quest GreedFall , you will venture deep into a dangerous swamp to try and find a demon you witnessed in a vision.

GreedFall Game Guide.


Face to face with the demon.

Beat the drums.

Play the drums : an insect, a frog, and a snake.


Acquire and pour the potion.

You can craft this potion, but you need level 1 of Science and 1 x Nightshade berries to do it.

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