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Be Aulora Pants Price



Aulora Kodenshi Pants + Free Beyul Mask.

RM 625.



Aulora Kodenshi Pants (Light Brown Limited Edition) RM 708.



Aulora Kodenshi Slimming Pants (Japan) RM 725.



Aulora Kodenshi Pants Black / Navy Blue.

RM 738.



Aulora Kodenshi Aulora Kodenshi Pants #.

RM 850.


Shopee, AULORA PANTS with KODENSHI The Magical Pants That Sold Over 500,000 Pieces to 48 Countries In 20 Months! 100% Made In Japan AULORA PANTS with KODENSHI is design, clinical test, and manufactured in Japan with J-Quality ISO:9001 quality certificate.

World Class & Worldwide Patented Fiber AULORA PANTS with KODENSHI using material that patented in [#], What is the Aulora Pants with Kodenshi price ?

How much is it selling?

Me wearing the compression pants from Japan.

The slimming and wellness pants is 100% designed and made in Japan exclusively for BE International Marketing.

BE International is a licensed direct sales company located in Link 2, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

KODENSHI Malaysia – Shop for best KODENSHI online at www.



my, AULORA Kodenshi Pants is a temperature retention fiber.

It integrates ultra-fine ceramics (diameter 0.

3 m) into fiber to enhance the absorption of far infrared radiation.

The warmth of the pants is comfortable and natural as it comes from the wearer#s body temperature, thus the user feels comfortable and warm.

Patients who are on bed rest for a long time are required to wear compression garment ( pants ) to increase blood circulation.

The compression pants cost between USD 200-300 a pair.

Good blood circulation helps to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the body, fat and body waste can be easily removed.

-7% Aulora Kodenshi 100% Original Aulora Pants With Kodenshi – Men Available in Shopee RM 709.

00 RM 768.

00 Go to Shop All the Types of Pants #, AULORA PANTS with Kodenshi This is not your average compression garment, infused with the state-of-the-art technology from Japan this AULORA PANTS comes with an amazing Kodenshi material where it is airy and flexible for your daily use.

be aulora pants price