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BDO Failstack Charts.

The following Failstack Charts are with the #Durability# option selected, during enhancement.

This is available for armor and weapons up to +15.

Durability makes the Enhancement Chance harder, but decreases the amount of Durability used.

Thanks to u/TheRealMcMasher for sharing much of the following data!, Black Desert Online failstack calculator with enhance simulator.

Calculate optimal failstacks for accessories, weapons and armors.

Softcap button uses failstack softcap values based on MSHR chart.

Before softcap threshold failstacks are equal.

After softcap threshold failstacks are less effective.

Every enhance is capped at 90%.

22/05/2018 Though RNG is a bit of a **** when it comes to fs , I need a rough estimate for fs pri – pen for accessories.

I#m at the point where I#m swapping my tri blue accessories for duo or tri yellow.

Atm this is my fs for blue accessories Pri: 28+ Duo: 35+ Tri: 45+ (Haven#t done these yet but my estimate) Tet: 65+ Pen: 90+ For yellow I have tried but ended up breaking them at duos Pri: 35+ Duo.

Beginner Gear (Level 51) # 106 AP/139 DP This is your beginner gear and what you should aim to have at level 51.

If you follow the main story quest line, you will be given your first set of gear which will help you get to level 56.

Calculator made by Ksix, using formulas from reddit user @lions2lambsTo simulate the enchant we are using Mersenne Twister, which is a pseudo random number generator (RNG), commonly used in game development, so probably the one that uses BDO.

Watch me code stuff like this and play BDO at #, 06/04/2016 So, im corrently with two pri witch earrings and two pri marks of shadow, i got them by using 25 fail stacks and i never failed or did people that used the same number of stacks of me and now im wondering if there’s a way to know how many stacks u need to safely enchant another piece of jewelry , cuz from what i heard the number of fail stacks u.

17/10/2016 If you spend 10mil + 10mil on accessory and then spend 20 mil in failstack to get a PRI that cost 30-35mil because you think you need at least 25 FS for it to be worthwhile, you are doing it wrong.

TL;DR : don’t use a chart but a calculator (the chart is ok to have a #, Quotes are not sourced from all markets and may be delayed up to 20 minutes.

Information is provided ‘as is’ and solely for informational purposes, not for trading purposes or advice.


Enhan c ing your gear and using sockets are really important in Black Desert.

These are the two main factors which will affect your damage and defense.

To enhan ce equipment you will need either a Blackstone (Armor) or a Blackstone (Weapon).

These can be bought from the auction house, crafted using a refinery, or farmed as they are a rare drop from some monsters.

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