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Aston Le Walls Xc Course Pictures

Aston le Walls is one of the UK’s leading competition and training facility with all weather and grass cross country courses , and allweather show jumping and dressage arenas.

A full course of show jumps on an all weather surface.



XC training field with a selection of fences including water complexes, ditches, banks and steps.



60 X 20 all weather dressage arena with mirrors,, working a cross country course ; the results;.

The main difference is that I have to have one significant factor in mind: the pictures published are likely to be the winners and runners-up in the different sections, and, is possible, need to be over different fences, or at least different angles.

On that Saturday at Aston Le Walls there.

In addition to riding on the stunning field XC course , the riders also took part in Show Jumping and Dressage training clinics.

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07/12/2011 Pictured above is Claire Stringer competing at Aston Le Walls Horse Trials Brush jump at Moreton Morrell Horse Trials.

Piggy French at Moreton Morrell Horse Trials All the above photos are taken by Michael David Rogers Equine Photography (MDR Photo) Cross country jumps are beautiful: natural brush jumps, logs, banks, and jumping through water, have always.

Aston – le – Walls will continue to provide educational, varied, well presented fences at all levels.

Courses will be varied and will incorporate new fences.

We have our own irrigation equipment so all courses will be watered as necessary.

This is the village website for Aston Le Walls where you can find information on activities and events in the village.

A361 Closure Closed now in the area of the Welsh Road junction, north of Chipping Warden, reopening no later than 6 am on Monday 15th June.

aston le walls xc course pictures